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Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're Dreaming

White Christmas Video
I grew up in Vermont where having a Christmas that wasn't white was unheard of. Now I live a bit further south and according to the we have a 25% chance of a white Christmas. So I crank up this little song every Christmas as I dream about having white stuff on the ground on December 25th. We've come close before, but usually it all melts before the day arrives and we don't get it afterall. Tonight it's supposed to snow, it was supposed to start around 4pm but here we are at 5:30pm and we haven't seen a single flake. has changed the prediction of start time to 9pm and then it's supposed to snow for close to 24 hours! Orion and I are hoping, we're dreaming....can the snow come and dump enough to last until Friday???? We really hope so!

So call out to the powers that be, whoever you believe runs the weather...if it could just stay cold enough thru Friday we could actually have snow on the ground for Christmas....if it warms up like the weatherman is predicting then all is lost and we won't have the white Christmas we are dreaming of and it will remain a song on CD that we sing along to.

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