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Monday, December 28, 2009

LMAO so funny I just have to share

The neighbors grandkids are up from Maryland and Orion has them over here right now playing with him for about an hour. They're in Orions room, which is right next to this room. As I'm sitting here reading blogs and trying to figure out what to write about today I hear the boys playing video games and having fun...then I hear this:

Orion: "Oh man you stupid idiot! I hate when the game does that friggin' crap!"

slight pause of total silence


one of the boys: "why not say friggin crap?"

Orion: "I just told you not to repeat that! My mom hates it and if she heard me she would put soap in my mouth!"

one of the boys: "NO WAY! She puts soap in your mouth? Like in the movie?"

this is followed by lots of laughter from the other 2 boys

perhaps now he'll stop saying such words! I do put soap in his mouth because he says Friggin' and crap in just about every sentence that comes out of his mouth....occassionally he slips and says the real swear words instead. It's worst when he's not medicated (like today) but it's really annoying to say the least! I tell him all the time how bad it makes him sound, but he can't seem to stop so I have resulted to taking drastic measures!

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

I guess this is not a good time to say that was friggin hilarious?! LOL Kids are so funny, I love that he caught himself & told the other kids.... :)