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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still dreaming and hoping....signs are looking good!

Weatherman says that thanks to all this we now have a 95% chance of a White Christmas! Temps are supposed to remain in the 20's through Wednesday, then Christmas Eve raise up to 35 degrees. I don't think the 35 degrees will be enough to completely melt 20 inches of snowfall!
Orion had lots of fun "skim boarding" in the back yard since we don't have a huge hill there.


Don't worry, I did take him over behind the school for some real sledding but since it was snowing (still is even now at 4:30pm) I didn't take the camera's not waterproof!

Also had fun just rolling in the snow!

And showing off his snow-made mustache and beard :)

What a perfect end to fall and beginning of winter!

Now our White Christmas dreams have a real possibility of coming true!

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

He's having so much fun he doesn't even make it look ice cold!!