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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank goodness for the flu shot......

This past fall, as usual, I got Orion a flu shot with his annual check-up. A few years back when he was in Kindergarten he didn't get the shot and ended up missing a friends birthday party because he was sick with the flu, I swore from then on out he would get it. Unfortunately hubby and I did not get the shot because as usual they were in lower supply and had run out of shots by the time they finished up with the elderly and sickly. So this week hubby and I are battling the flu...body aches, fever, upset stomachs, etc. Orion on the other hand is perfectly fine...not even a sniffle! Honestly, as much as I hate being sick I HATE having a sick boy even more so I am so happy that he doesn't have this.

On another note, we're at the beginning of a nice storm brewing and it looks like we'll be getting a decent amount of snow again....good ole March coming in like the Lion RRROOOOOAAAAAR! I canceled out of my night shift since we're supposed to get a good amount with winds and possible freezing rain/sleet mixed in....could cancel school tomorrow so I'll take the side of caution and just take the night off...that's the beauty of my job, cancel out, don't come in and no boss to yell at ya saying you're fired if you don't come in.

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