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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My boy amazes me every day

So this morning I was trying to get Orion to get dressed. This has been a daily battle since the day he was born, this child would live in only underwear if I let him! So as he's getting his pants on I'm noticing they are looking a bit on the short side and I check the tag to be sure he didn't have a pair of size 8's hanging out in his drawer by mistake...nope they're definately a size 10. So I stare at my child in amazement realizing that yet again he must have stretched over the past couple of days....he's always done this, grown in spurts. Literally he can grow an inch in one weeks time! So I put him up against the wall chart we have and he's 55 inches tall! Now if you look at this nifty height chart I have, you'll see that Orion is exceptionally tall, he's 8 years old and 55 inches is above the 95% mark. I wonder how tall he'll be when he's fully grown...if he stays on the same path he's been on, he'll be 6 feet tall by the time he's 14!

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