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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Orion received his official invite today

and it contained something a little unexpected!

Not only is Orion invited to compete in the Massachusetts Youth State Championship Tournament for candlepin bowling, but he has been invited to compete in all 3 divisions for boys 10 and under. He will not only be bowling in the individual boys division, but also in the doubles and team divisions as well. It's really an honor to be invited to bowl in all 3 divisions, not a lot of kids receive that kind of invite. I am very excited for him and so very proud of my little man! He found a sport he really likes and is really quite good at. The actual competition isn't going to happen until May 9th, so we will be spending the next month practicing and getting ready. Not only will I take him on Wednesdays for his league, but I will start taking him down at least once a week for some good practice as well.

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