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Monday, March 2, 2009

I have a VERY happy boy today.....

It's another snow day so NO SCHOOL! Nothing makes an 8 year old boy quite so happy as seeing his town listed on the school closings list scrolling across the tv screen. Poor mom was looking forward to a quiet day of relaxing and getting over this flu but apparently mother nature decided I needed to test my limits and she has a different plan for me. It'll be a day of X-Box 360 and lots of noise followed by clearing snow from the driveway once all this ends. It's a full on Nor'Easter out there so that won't happen for a few hours for sure, but it'll have to happen before hubby gets out of work or he won't be able to get into the driveway....gee thanks mother nature, I sure do appreciate you dumping on me whenever my husband isn't available to clean up your mess! Seems to be a bad habit with you, always waiting until he's up north snowboarding or when he's working all day, you must really enjoy punishing me for whatever I did in my past life....I'm thinking I must have been a lazy man.

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