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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So proud of my boy

Wednesday is bowling day, Orion bowls in the Junior boys league down at Alley Kat's candlepin bowling with the small balls and skinny pins. Anyway, last year they held the Massachusetts state championship tournament at Alley Kat, they always invite the top 10 kids from each age group to bowl and then number 11 is the alternate who gets called in if one of the others can't make it. Orion was number 11 last year. He bowled in the singles tournament last year and placed 5th for boys 10 and under...5th for the entire state of Massachusetts! He didn't win a prize because they only award prizes to the top 3 winners, but he got good experience and it made him feel pretty good to be 5th place. We were informed that this year Orion will be getting an automatic invite because he holds the highest average for boys 10 and under this year! He's gone up from 11th to 1st in one years time! We don't have a date yet for the tournament, it's usually late April or early May so we'll know more in the coming weeks, but it's very exciting for us to know that when they actually looked at the numbers Orion is on top. It made him feel pretty good.

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