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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gosh darn computer stuff....

So the other day my hubby was trying to get our X-Box 360 to view some videos and he couldn't get it to read. He went to his computer to research and there was a link in Google that said it had step by step he clicked on it.

Immediately his computer went popped open, stuff started trying to download and install, virus protection popped up saying bad stuff was trying to access computer. He immediately pulled the internet plug, ran virus scan etc. Virus scan said there were 3 files that were password protected and couldn't be scanned but would be scanned once they were opened. Hubby reconnected to the internet and suddenly windows were popping left and right once again! He managed to download a mal-ware scanner and it detected a bunch of bad trojans on his computer and removed them.

Last night as he's playing on his computer it starts playing bubblegum pop lets put it this way....bubblegum pop music makes my man wanna puke so I know it's not like it was sitting there and he accidentally clicked something. He ran the mal-ware scan again and it found more stuff and removed it. This morning as I'm sitting here waiting for my work schedule to release his computer starts playing music and then it starts giving me a news's not even connected to the internet at this point.....the computer was possessed!

Bottom line, while hubby is at work I had to reformat his hard drive and start him all over from scratch! I started this process around 9:45 this morning, it's almost 1pm and I am just now getting him set back up. Between formatting, installing XP, re-installing all his drivers (which required finding the right discs) etc. I'm very angry at whoever put that website out there! Now I have to reinstall his game he's been playing and updating since 1999!!!!!!

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

Aww deb that totally sucks hope you gott it all fixxed up..