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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1982 was a good year...........

Just a random thought, something that happens often and then I realize why I would say such a thing.

It happened yesterday, Orion found a quarter in the couch cushion and announced it was made in 1982. I quickly remarked "1982 was a good year" He asked me what I meant, he's obviously too young to know that's usually what people say about certian wines in movies so I paused and just replied that I wasn't sure, but I bet it was a good year. He laughed and went back to searching the couch for more money.

It was then that I started really thinking about it....the year 1982 that is....what was it about that year that would make it a good year? My childhood wasn't anything worth remembering really, so what could have possibly made that a good year? Then I realized what it was....

This wonderful lady walked into my life and changed it forever!

Her name is Karen, she was my social worker, my life saver, she picked me up from school on the next to last day of my 5th grade year, she placed me in foster care and turned my whole world around.

So many times I look at blogs on the internet and I read about how the foster care system is warped, how social workers don't care and how aweful the system is to be in. I always find myself wanting to comment, to let these people know (and other people who read their blogs as well) that they aren't all bad and some do care. If I could take Karen and duplicate her, clone her if you will, perhaps then the foster care system wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps then the social workers would all be great, they would come pick you up in their mini-van and take you for a ride just to make sure you're doing ok, that you're going to counceling like you should and trying to get you to open up and tell them what's going on inside your head. I wish there were more social workers like Karen out there, if there were then the world would be a much better place for so many children!

1982 WAS a good year, it was a great year, it was the year that my life changed in ways that I had only dreamed it could. Karen saved me from nightmares that were living reality. Karen will forever be my hero and because of her, 1982 will forever be a good year!

So Karen, if you read this...THANKS yet again! I don't think I could EVER thank you enough for the ways you turned my world around. Because of you I grew up, I went to college at the school of my choosing on a scholarship you helped me get, I met my husband down here and we created this wonderful life and have this wonderful little boy. If you EVER question whether or not you made a difference, remember me and KNOW that you did! This photo is an old one, taken just before Christmas 2007, but it will show you what you have given me...I truly and firmly believe if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have this!

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