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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Orion, the cake baking man

So Cub Scouts had their Annual Cake Bake pack night and of course they gave out little trophies for the best ones. They had themes like Most Patriotic, Best Outdoor Design, Most Orioginal, Tallest, Flattest and 3 places for the Best Scout Theme....afterall it is a Cub Scout event lol

Last year Orion made a Wolf Badge cake

It didn't win any prizes and he was disappointed a little but it was a great cake IMO and he had fun so that's what truly mattered.

This year he decided on arrow points and he made 1 gold arrow point and 2 silver arrow points. The scouts earn arrow points by doing different tasks and learning new things. This year he took 3rd place for Best Scout Theme! He was thrilled, he walked around with that trophy in his hands and did not want to let it go at all! He was so proud of himself and his hard work!

Here's this years winning cake :)

And Orion with his trophy and cake

I'm very proud of my little man :)

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

WAY 2 GO orion thats a Kick butt cake