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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lesson learned....

I don't remember the details, but this morning Orion got mad at me for some reason and he swung around and hit me. It was just a slap on the arm and since he's 8 he really can't hurt me, but I am a stickler about hitting females, especially Mom! I do not allow it and I will not allow my son to believe it is ok to hit ANY woman regardless how hard or his reasons. Hitting women is not right, it is completely wrong....especially when it comes to hitting Mom! Anyway, I told him no X-Box for the day since he decided to hit me. He begged and pleaded with me, he promised to never ever do it again, he said he was very very sorry, that he didn't mean it....I STILL said no X-Box for the day.

Now that may seem harsh to some people, afterall he did appologize and he did say he would never do it again, but I felt a lesson needed to be learned. Think about it, how many men beat their girlfriends and/or wives only to appologize and promise to never do it again? Then they turn around and do it all over again over the stupidist stuff. These women do not deserve to get beaten yet they stay with their husbands or boyfriends, they allow the cycle to continue all in the name of love. Today my son learned a lesson, he came home from school and asked if he could play his X-Box and I told him NO! He tried appologizing again, tried begging, tried once again to promise to never do it again and I simply replied that I did believe he wouldn't do it again because the next time he wanted to hit his mother or ANY girl he would remember this day and he would think twice.

I look at it this always hear about the cycle repeating itself, abusers are often victims of abuse themselves, but WHY?? I have always asked that question and you know why I can judge those people?? Because I have been there! I have been beaten, I have been molested, I have scars inside and out that will NEVER go away! However I KNOW what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the abuse and I would NEVER want to subject another human being to that kind of pain and I do not see how anyone else who has suffered abuse can say that's why they abuse others. Your mother beat you or your father raped you and that gives you permission to do it to someone else??? Does that really make your pain go away?? NO it will only make it worse IMO! Be better than the person who hurt you, be the better man (or woman) I remember my childhood for one reason and one reason I know how NOT to raise my son! If an abused child can make it to adulthood then they should step up and stop the cycle! Make sure it doesn't happen in your family line anymore! Teach your children that it's NOT ok to hit people, if they are boys teach them that it's especially not ok for them to hit a female. All you feminist can come kick my butt if you want, but women ARE the weaker sex and in general any man can beat the crap out of a female, it's a fact. Women should be treated with kindness and tenderness, not with fists.

I know I kind of went off on a little tangent there, apparently I had some stuff to get off my chest lol The point of this blog is to help me vent and get stuff out and this is one topic that always gets me. I don't spank my child, I take away his favorite video gaming system instead. He isn't allowed to just appologize and move on, he does have to appologize but that appology will not make everything ok because someday he'll be a grown man and he needs to be a respectable man. If I don't teach him now then when he's grown he won't know right from wrong and the judge will not accept an "I'm sorry I won't do it ever again" The judge will take away his life and put him in jail or take away his freedom with house arrest or a restraining order, by then it would be too late and it would then be my fault for not teaching him. I refuse to be the reason he screws up, if he does it will be his decision, his choice and it won't be because I didn't teach him how to treat a lady.

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