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Monday, March 9, 2009

My little snowboarder

We went up to Ragged Mountain to snowboard again yesterday, Orion took another 1/2 day lesson and I rode with hubby. What amazes me most about Ragged is the simple fact that Orion has only had 5 lessons with them, 3 of which were 1/2 day lessons yet when we walked in the door they immediately welcomed him BY NAME!

"Good morning Orion, will you be taking another lesson today?"

I was amazed, how many kids take lessons there yet they remember my kids name after only 5 lessons, what a way to gain some serious business IMO. Even better, they remembered that he was a top to bottom rider and that he could ride the "6-pack" (that's what they call the 6 passenger chair lift) Now I know they are a small place, afterall every single time I have taken him up there we pay for a regular everyday group lesson and he ends up with a private lesson, but I find it amazing that they can remember this stuff...heck I'm lucky if I remember to buy a gallon of milk.

Anyway, Orion is doing great in his lessons. Since he can go top to bottom and ride the big chair we saw him quite a few times and saw his progression with our own eyes. I had been worried that they were just telling us he was doing great so that we would keep coming back and spending money lol At one point we passed Orion and his instructor but Orion didn't see us so we pulled over to the side and hid behind a mound of snow so we could see him coming down. He was actually connecting a few turns and we could tell he was really starting to get it. He can heel edge and toe edge wonderfully he's just working on connecting the two. It's awesome to watch though and I feel a great sense of pride and excitement when I see him going down the trail. Steve and I both love to ride and I had to take a lot of years off so that I could be home with Orion until he was old enough and we could afford to all go riding together.....afterall it's not a cheap sport in any shape or form! Between the gas to drive up, the lift tickets, lessons, lunch and snacks... and of course the dog kennel so we can be gone all day even a day trip will top out around $200.....and this is a relatively cheap place to go too. Ragged is only $59 for an adult lift ticket for the day, some of the bigger places charge $74! It's a fun sport though and I am so happy to see Orion enjoying it as much as we do. I look forward to the day I am trying to catch up to him flying down the slopes...I'm sure that'll be happening in no time, perhaps even by the end of next season!

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