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Monday, September 28, 2009

All my babies are sick......

My fur babies that is.

It started with Merlin sneezing and being kinda lethargic, then he started breathing through his mouth and stopped eatting and drinking. I resulted to dipping my finger in water and dabbing his nose so he would lick it off. After 3 days of this (by which time I thought he was going to die or something) he started to get better, stopped breathing through his mouth and started eatting and drinking again. The next day Martin started sneezing :( Now Martin is on day 2 of breathing through his mouth, Sparky started sneezing yesterday and today started breathing through his mouth, Rex has been sneezing and on and off breathing through his mouth as well as Clawdia. Those 2 (Rex and Clawdia) worry me the most. Everything I have read on the internet about kitty colds and flu is that it is hardest on the elderly and the young...just like humans. Rex is 12 years old, not really elderly but not really young he's obese! Clawdia is barely 6 months old...definately still a kitten. She's tiny and can't really afford to go 3 days without eatting! I hope they all pull through this ok...poor Martin seems to be the worst off right now, he's not only breathing through his mouth but also drooling and gasping for air after a sneezing fit. According to the vet it's viral and there's nothing they can do...again just like a human cold or flu. I have him crated in a separate room with a humidifier hoping it will help.

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

Hope all are feeling better soon. I've been crazy sick lately too. Sucks. I woke up with a cat in my face this morning, never thought about being contagious to her...hope not!