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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Orion has been getting a lot of unwanted attention at school concerning his hair...many of the kids (especially the girls) were picking on him because his hair was longer than anyones in the class. When I had taken him to get it cut right before school started they had put him in long layers and said they couldn't really do all one length because of his tall we went ahead and let them do it that way. He has been complaining a lot this past week about how only the girls have layers and all the boys who have longer hair all have it one he asked for a cut. I took him today and here's the result...basically he wanted it to be all one length but still on the long side. He's very happy with the results.

I took these on my phone, so that's why they are lower quality :)

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

Looks good! Those girls are gonna be a pain soon...the phone will be ringing off the hook! lol