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Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday party planning

Am I the only mother who has terrible anxiety with every single birthday party? I worry that the kids he invited won't come, I worry that the cake won't be what he wants and expects, I worry that he will be off his adderral and therefore he will be an absolute nightmare and scare away what few friends do show up. I worry he won't have a good time or that he'll have a meltdown as he can sometimes have when he gets stressed and things don't go exactly his way. I worry way too much I know, but none the less, I worry!

This year Orion wants a pokeball cake, but instead of just a basic round pokeball, he wants an open pokeball with a pokemon inside. I'm not sure I can do that or that I can figure out a way to make the top stay open and supported. I worry that I won't make it look close enough to a pokeball and he'll be upset. Of course everyyear I have this anxiety and every year I succeed in giving him exactly what he wants but this is new and different and like I said...I'm not sure how to make the top stay up and open. The past 2 years he has wanted a bowling cake and this is what I have created...

He bowls candlepin so I made his cake that style. I pray I can pull off what he wants this year as well.

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