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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sometimes I amaze myself....a photo story

We have 5 cats ......

Rex the 12 year old

Martin the 3 year old

Sparky the 2 year old

Merlin the 1 year old

And the baby Clawdia just 20 weeks old

We also have a couch that the 5 cats have decided is their personal scratching post....

So today I went down to Jo-Anns Fabric and bought a bit of fabric and made a denim slip cover to go over the entire arm of the couch.

Hopefully the cats won't be able to claw through that anytime soon!

This is a big wrap around couch that fills the entire room so I couldn't make a slip cover for the entire thing, I'll probably make another to match the arm on the other side of the couch even though the cats haven't attacked that one yet.

1 comment:

Sweet Mama Jones said...

Right on! Looks great, ya did good mama. :)
Your kitties are some cool cats! Love "Claw"dia's name, hehe