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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

It's amazing how fast time goes, how quickly we get through each day and suddenly we're old and tired and wondering where all the time went. Why couldn't that happen when I was a kid, back when I needed and wanted time to get a move on and get me out of the nightmare I lived. Why is it that times seems to speedup as we get older, aren't we supposed to SLOW DOWN as we age?? Somedays I just don't get it lol
Anyway, here we are on another Thursday, my boy is in school, the cats are chasing each other through the house at top speed, the dog is sleeping at the front door and I'm supposed to be working....only there don't seem to be a lot of calls in the daytime hours so I will just post in my blog and pass the time by putting my thoughts into words for your reading pleasure :)
The other day my son wanted to see my hand, I didn't really know why but he asked if he could see it so I held it out to him. He then told me not to peek and proceeded to pull out a pen he was hiding and write on my palm "I love you so!!" The two exclamation points looked like this =:) just not sideways lol This precious moment took me back to when I was a kid about his age and I wrote on everything!
One day I took a bunch of magic markers and drew all over the kitchen cabinet doors....and I do mean ALL OVER them! I covered them in a beautiful green grassy fields full of all kinds of colorful flowers, a beautiful sunrise, and flowing hills of green. I colored in a beautiful blue sky complete with birds flying by. There were trees and bunnies and over in the corner was a little house with pretty curtians in the windows...I was creative and I was proud of my hard work....mother was not in the least bit impressed!
OK in her defence, I probably would have had a few words with my son if he drew all over my cabinets, I probably would ground him and give him a Mr. Clean magic eraser and make him remove it all...BUT I never, not in a million years, never would react the way my mother did! My mother first screamed and hollered and yelled! Then she got her leather belt and whooped my behind until I couldn't stand, then she whooped me even more. She beat the crap out of me! She stood over me and beat me as she forced me to try to scrub off the permanant magic marker and the more I scrubbed the more she hit because it simply was NOT coming off...that's why they're called permanant markers...they don't come off! Then I was locked in the cabinet under the stairs with no lights, no food, no water, nothing for a full day! I was let out after a day because I had to go to school or someone might ask where I was, heaven forbid if anyone should discover her secrets!
Speaking of school, I remember walking to school as a kid...I was just inside the 1 mile line so I had to walk, I could not ride the bus. This meant that rain, sleet, snow, wind, you name it, I walked in it...uphill both ways! (No I am not kidding!) I lived on one side of the hill at the bottom, my school was on the other side at the bottom so I walked uphill, then downhill to get to school and the same to get home. The majority of the way up the hill from home was basically a straight line so my mother could watch out the window and see me as I walked along. One day, it was cold and rainy and I couldn't see well so I turned around and proceeded to walk backwards so that the wind and rain hit my back and not my face and books. I was rather proud of myself for having made it all the way to school walking backwards and I didn't trip once! I was awesome, I was cool, I was soaking wet but I was happy none the less!
That afternoon I walked home only to have mother greet me at the door screaming about walking to school backwards. Didn't I realize how stupid that was? Didn't I realize I could trip, fall into the road and get run over by a bus? At this point she made me stand in the kitchen and turn my back to the living room and walk backwards through the living room to my bed (which was on the far side of the living room) She had taken it upon herself to spend her day rearranging the furniture just so I would trip and fall and (according to her) learn my lesson. As I tripped over a chair and landed on the edge of the old kerosene heater and burned my arm she dragged me to my feet and made me keep walking...not caring that my arm was hurt, not caring that I had been burned, only caring about teaching me a lesson and making sure I didn't walk to school backwards ever again! By the time I got through the living room I had a burn on each from the kerosene heater and one from the big potbelly woodstove. Neither was bandaged or cared for and the scars are still there to remind me of what an evil and cruel woman she truly was.
And so ends another Thoughtful Thursday! Enjoy your weekend and are only little for a short time. Before you know it they will be grown ups just like you and me and when that day comes will it really matter what they drew on your walls or if they walked to school backwards...I doubt it will and more likely than not you'll miss those days and wish you could do them all over again! Enjoy them while they're young and their mistakes are minor, enjoy those precious moments when they write on your hand "I love you so =:)" and know that from that moment one whenever you look at your palm those words will still be there, even if time and showers have washed them away. Find a way to preserve these times for the bad days of your life, I'm sure it will help make even the gloomiest days a bit brighter!

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

There is a special place for her is Hades (or however the HELL you spell it)....your childhood breaks my heart. I continue to be amazed at your strength in sharing & persevering. :)