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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here we go...first day of 4th grade

Today my baby boy headed off to his first day of 4th grade!! As I watched him run away from me toward the school with a smile on his face and the wind in his hair I again felt the pangs of motherhood and a tear in my eye. How did my baby boy go from this

to this

In a single heartbeat?
My little baby boy is suddenly a little man, growing up right before my very eyes! Funny thing is...I used to laugh at those mothers who would tear up on their kids first day of school every year, I thought to myself "I'll never be like that" I used to think that I would be the mother who proudly sent her kid off to school, maybe crying on the first day of Kindergarten or Pre-school, but not every single first day every single year...but alas we often find that no matter how many times we say "I'll never be like that" or "My kids will never behave like that in public" we find that we surprise ourselves and this is a perfectly normal way to be. It's not silly, it's not strange, it's motherhood and I'm glad to be a part of it! I miss my boy already, he may have driven me a bit crazy some days over the summer, but he's a pretty fun kid and the house sounds oddly quiet and laughter free. Now I'll go sit, sip some coffee and count the hours until 3pm when I can go pick him up and hear all about his first day of 4th grade!


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Sweet Mama Jones said...

Hahaha...I thought that too! But with some things, there is just no stopping the tears, huh? I hope he has a fantastic 4th grade year! He looks excited to be there!