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Friday, July 2, 2010

Oppps, I forgot Thoughtful thursday

 I was so busy worrying about what I was forgetting to pack that I completely neglected to post a Thoughtful Thursday post. Gosh, I'm sorry!

This week has been one of great  reflection for me as I prepare to go on our family vacation. I never really had a vacation when I was a kid, my boy doesn't know just how lucky he truly is! My evil egg donor at best would drive us off to some out of the way place to sing in a of the ones  I remember most was called the "Lone Star Ranch" but it was not in Texas lol There were these tall pine trees everywhere, little cabins for the singers to get dressed in and practice before our turn to sing. Then, when it was our turn, we went up on stage and sang.

 That's me in dead center on the mic....Big Sis #2 is on the left side of the photo half hidden  by the mic and Big Sis  is on the right.

That's all of us, as I mentioned in previous posts Big Brother #3 played the dobro and in that photo Big Sis is up at the mic.

During our travels we often stopped in fields to practice and eat some lunch

The woman in red is my evil egg donor and the man in all those photos is her boyfriend, not the evil sperm donor. As you can see Big Sis and I hung near each other most the time and  even though we fought a lot (as siblings often do) she truly was (and still is) my best friend!  Although I got to see a lot of the country traveling to all those shows, it was never a fun time, never a real vacation, nothing like what we have planned for this coming week.

I remember going to carnivals to sing and wanting so badly to ride on the rides, the one I wanted to do the most was those big know the ones I'm talking about. You sit on these swings that are hanging on long chains and then they turn it on and it spins in circles and you fly way up high in the air...I still want to ride one of those swings, but unfortunately I married a man who is very weary of carnivals and is sure that some drunk carnie guy put the swings together and that I would just fly even as a grown up I still don't get to ride the swings :( This week we're going to Smuggs and at smuggs they have what they call the giant's more like a human sling shot but darn it I'm doing it! I already told hubs and Orion that they won't be stopping me, I'm doing it. They strap you into a body harness like a mountain climbing thing, then hook you up to the swing, raise you up about 100 feet in the air and let you go. You fly back and forth on the swing until you naturally stop on your own! I can not wait! It looks like so much fun and darn it I am not missing out on that kind of fun! This year I am going to do all the things I wanted to as a kid, I'm going to let my hair down (so to speak since I wear it down 99.9% of the time) and I am going to just have fun! No concerns, no worrying about getting hurt, just pure fun! I so can not wait! I even have the hubs agreeing that if we are having enough fun we might even see about staying an extra night and have fun for an extra day! Wouldn't that be awesome! The weather is supposed to be perfect...bright, sunny, in the mid-80's very single day with a slight chance of afternoon/evening showers only one day...and the chances are about 20% so we're not worried at all!

I might not be posting a Thoughtful Thursday next week, since we'll be away on vacation, but I want you all to hug your kids and remember that vacations are needed and if your kids want to have a little fun but you're too scared, let them have their fun so they won't resent you when  they grow up! Have a fun and safe 4th of July and by all means don't blow any body parts up when lighting off those fireworks lol Now firecrackers and frogs or crabs makes an interesting combination but I won't go there lol

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SMJ said...

If I were to judge by the pictures alone I would think, look what a sweet speak a 1000 words, but they don't always tell the whole story. I hope you are enjoying a fabulous vacation!!!