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Monday, July 19, 2010

35 year old mystery finally solved!

I clearly remember it like it was yesterday, little ole me, 4 1/2 years old eats a bunch of baby cucumbers relishing the delicious flavor! Within hours I feel pain in my mouth, there's a blister there. Soon there's numerous blisters and my mouth is on fire in pain! My egg donor looks in my mouth with a flashlight and is appalled by what she sees. She takes me to the doctor who is baffled and says it must be some kind of virus and sends me home with instructions to rinse with warm salt water a few times a day. The blisters go away eventually, but we never really knew what caused them......that is until yesterday!

Yesterday I was given some baby cucumbers from our neighbors garden. He had grown them but decided he wasn't as fond of them as he thought he would be (he had never grown them before apparently) so he gave them to me. I peeled them and ate them, relishing the flavor once again. I remembered being a little girl enjoying that very same  flavor and enjoyed one of the few warm memories I hold from my childhood. Within an hour a blister erupted in my mouth, then another and another. I called the dentist thinking this might be some kind of infection from the tooth that only holds a temporary crown and he said no way, if there was an infection it would be pain and pressure not blisters. I called my regular doctor to ask her opinion and she asked if I had eaten anything new. I explained about the cucumbers and she asked if I had any reaction when I ate them as a kid...and that is when I remembered the blisters and how the doctor had thought it was a virus. She says it's an allergy, one that apparently was not recognized when I was a kid! Apparently this particular species of cucumbers I am allergic to. After taking some benedryl, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide solution, and  not eating anymore of those delicious cucumbers I am feeling a bit better. It's hard to talk from the pain of the blisters, it'll interfere with work a little but such is life! I finally solved one childhood mystery, why I got blisters in my mouth when I was 4 years old!

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