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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another hot day......

Today is one of those lazy Sundays where you do nothing but sit inside in the A/C because no one will go outside with you to play. Why won't they go outside???? Because it's 104 degrees out there, that's why!

Yes, you did indeed read that right 104 degrees!! I offered to tak the boy to the playground, offered to turn on the sprinkler, offered to do just about anything but he's opting to stay indoors and play video games....cursed things! I tried the whole "when I was a kid...." speech, that had no effect except for him feeling pity on me for not having A/C when  I was his age lol The hubby is no better, although it is 104 outside he keeps the house at a frigid 74 degrees...BRRRRRRRRRRR! 74 degrees air conditioned is way colder than your everyday 74 degrees! So I sit here bundled up on the couch with goosebumps and a blanket wishing I could convince the boy to go outside to play.

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Work at Home Mommy said...

104! Yuck! Its opposite here. I have my daughter begging to go outside and I am trying to talk her into letting me stay in the nice A/C! lol