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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's been quiet around here

Not just on my blog LOL here at my house!

This week is the first week Orion is attending the camp that is in my mother-in-laws town. She runs the program, so she puts his name on the list of kids for whatever weeks I want him to go. It's not an overnight camp, but since it's in her town (which is an hours drive in the mornings because of traffic) Orion has spent last night and tonight at her house. I will pick him up tomorrow because we have bowling on Wednesday nights and he doesn't want to miss 2 weeks in a row. I'll have to drive him there on Thursday morning because that is the day they will be busing all the campers to a water park down in cape cod. Friday I will let him decide if he wants to return to camp or not.

So the last couple of days have been boy free and it's been very quiet without him. He's very much Mama's boy, and tonight he called around 8:15 to talk to me. He sounded so sad and lonely, said he wished he had agreed to only one night  sleeping over because he didn't sleep well at all last night. Apparently he didn't even end up sleeping at his grandparents house, but instead slept at her neighbors house. Their neighbors have 2 boys, one is a year younger than Orion, the other about 4 years older than him. They play well together and are attending the camp together. Orion has never slept at anyone's house but ours and my in-laws, so it was weird for him. When I reminded him that I had to work tonight, he said he wished he had called me sooner, I could tell he didn't want to stay a second night but I really would not have been able to make it out there and back in time to get to work. I told him to curl up on his grandmothers couch, put on a movie and fall asleep there...and I made sure to tell her to set that up for him so that he would be comfortable. I have a feeling he's just really tired and after a good nights sleep he'll be just fine.....also betting that tomorrow night I'll have have a certain little boy crawling in between me and hubby before the night is through.

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