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Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a sad day in our house

We woke up  this morning to our cat Sparky vomiting in the bay window, vomit on the rug and the cat looking very ill indeed. He hasn't been acting right the past week, yesterday he was drooling and yowling loudly. Today he is in the cat crate in my sons room so that he can quietly rest, but he does not look good, as a matter of fact he very much reminds me of our cat Cartman who died a couple years ago of multi-system failure. He is sleeping mostly, but periodically yowling out as though he is scared, he does not appear to be in any pain at all. His gums and tongue have turned a chocolatey brown, his normal orange color has faded to a brownish orange and he is breathing very shallow. It looks like he is at the end and he's only about 4 years old! Orion is beside himself with worry, praying for a miracle that may not come. I called the vet and they of course suggested bringing him in for testing but said if his gums were brown then he is probably in the end stages of respiratory failure and would end up needing to b put to sleep....which would cost us $85 for the office visit and $250 to put him down. They suggested that as long as he is not in pain we just make him comfortable and let him pass here at home...which is what we are going with. They felt there would be nothing they could do for him.

And so here we sit, checking in on him periodically trying to pass the time until he fades and we have to put him in the ground. I pray he lasts long enough for hubby to get home from work and say good-bye.

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