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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a great weekend I just had!

Last week was school vacation week for Orion but unfortunately parents don't get that week off as well so hubby and I both were working the beginning of the week. Our next door neighbors grandkids came up from Maryland for the first part of the week so Orion had entertainment in the form of boys that he sees maybe twice a year and it was easy for me to make a good amount of money while he entertained friends. Plus, my job encourages kids in the background making noise since I am a phone mystery shopper and that makes it sound even more realistic. It was a win win situation all around, I got to work and make money and the boy got to play and have fun.

On Saturday we got up bright and early and drove up to Ragged Mtn to snowboard. It was all freshly snowed on and groomed and we had so much fun. Orion was moving in leaps and bounds and for the first time I could comfortably go at a faster riding pace and he would be seconds behind me. I would turn around at the bottom and look up the trail for him but he would be coming right up beside me, it was awesome! We spent the night up there in a hotel and Sunday greeted up with about 6 inches of fresh powder and it was still falling from the sky!  Our first run of the day we took Orion up on the 6-person chairlift and he and dad came down a blue trail while I took off and went down my all time favorite trail that has a flat area that is hard to get across on a snowboard unless you can maintain a good speed and skill that Orion isn't quite ready for. It was untracked and I floated on the was an amazing ride down. Orion struggled on his first run because it's the first time he has ever experienced riding on powder and it does take a little different skill. I met up with them about half way down the trail they were on and I showed him how to lean further back on the board so that the nose lifted up enough to ride over the top of the powder instead of sinking in. After that he was all about riding with me for the rest of the day. We pushed it down trails he had never gone on before, did some harder trails, some easy trails and by noon time I was soooooo tired but he was wanting more! We took a lunch break and went back out but after another hour I was beat and he was asking if he could go find his dad because he was so not ready to stop. His dad had met up with his friend who had driven up that morning and they were off doing the really hard stuff riding in the trees and such.  We went looking for them and found them in the lodge eating a late lunch. Orion convinced dad to go back out even though he was tired and ready to stop for the day. I got out of my snowboarding gear and waited for them in the lodge. I was tired and sore and ready to go home. It had been an amazing day of watching him really ride and keep up, I could go fast and he was right there with me. It was a lot of fun but my left thigh (my back leg for my board, the steering leg) was still burning even though I was no longer riding and I was ready to just sit and relax for a few hours ride home in the car.

Monday morning I woke up to a thigh that was so hurting that even the slightest movement was pain! I couldn't even walk right, it was so painful. I pulled my thigh muscle with all that riding, but it was worth it because my boy stepped it up and moved up in the ranks of snowboarding skills. Today is the first day that I am not in major pain walking on my leg, it's getting better and soon enough I'll be able to get back out there and do it all again!

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