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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I guess she's not all update

So yesterday Orion went off to school with some concern on his mind, feeling unsure after getting the note from that girl. He didn't know what to expect from her and was worried what she would be like since she obviously knew I had called her mother. He was worried she would take her anger out on him and embarrass him. Luckily that did not happen.

After school I asked Orion how his day was, he said it was ok. I asked how things had gone with the girl, he said ok. She had seen him in class and asked to see his agenda book and just slipped the hand made card inside. In the card she apologized for being a jerk, said she basically just wanted some time to play with her friends who were girls, and that she was truly sorry for her actions. She even wrote asking him to show it to me because she sincerely was sorry and that she hoped they could hang out again real soon.

I asked Orion if he felt it was sincere, he said he did but that things still felt weird between them. She basically ignores him at school and he fears it's because she doesn't want to get picked on for hanging out with a boy. He said it felt kind of tense and uncomfortable when they were together in class because he doesn't know how to act and not upset her. He doesn't want to  be the reason she gets picked on so he feels he can't even agree with her on a topic in class. I find myself feeling badly for him, having to feel this way, but also very proud that he is so respectful of another persons feelings that he would go to such great lengths to not offend her in any way. He keeps that attitude and he'll make a great husband the FAR distant future lol

I have come to the conclusion that Mama Bear might have been extra hard on the girl because she upset my baby boy, and maybe, if she wants to, she can come hang out with my kid and they can play. Everyone deserves a second chance, kids need to learn lessons and move on, and I would say they are now even. He offended her with an "f-bomb" and she offending him with calling him a freak. Besides, nothing brings me greater happiness than his happiness and we all deserve a little happiness! I refuse to be like my evil egg donor and keep my kid miserable by choosing who he can and can not play with based solely on my feelings. I can forgive and move on and let my boy be happy.

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