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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proud Mama

So we're up here at Saddleback Mountain in Maine relaxing after a full day of snowboarding. Today I watched in amazement and awe as my son carved down his first black diamond trail. He has never done a black diamond trail before but today we needed to go down one to get to a really awesome looking trail that we could see riding up the chairlift and we all agreed we wanted to try it. I had expected him to do a falling leaf skid down that black diamond but instead he carved, heal, toe, heal, toe all the way.  I am so proud and the best part is he did it and when hubby and I both congratulated him he looked up and says "That was a black diamond?" He wasn't scared, no hesitation, he just went down like any other trail without even noticing that it was a black diamond trail! Mama is proud! Here are some moments from our day today.....

Orion getting ready to head out from our ride in/ride out condo

 Daddy stretching before heading out.....Orion and I named this one Ninja Dad!
Orion and Dad on the chairlift
Orion on the trail ready to go down
Orion and me going up the double chair together
Can you see the happiness in those eyes even through the goggles? I can!
Orion and Dad at the highest elevation Orion has ever riden from
The boys clicking into their bindings getting ready to go down from the top

A sign I saw in the lodge, I really liked the saying so I had to snap a picture of it.
Me and Orion sitting on the bench just outside the lodge
Can't wait to get back out there tomorrow, this is the perfect grand finale to a wonderful snowboarding season! Orion has progressed so much this year and I couldn't be any prouder of him!

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