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Monday, April 4, 2011

This is why I missed Thoughtful Thursday:

My big Bro knicknamed his car "The Grey Ghost" so I had to ride down the trail with the same name 
 My son and I arrived at the lifts 5 minutes early so we had to wait for the first chair
 He also had to ride down his Black Diamond trail again just because it was a Black Diamond
 He had to get out of our ride in/ ride out condo bright and early
 I think I already mentioned that we arrived early and had to wait for the first chair
 Orion needed to perfect his form, he's so amazing to watch
 He had to go down that Black Diamond trail numerous times...that's him on the top of the ridge getting ready to come down
 We had to stand on top of the mountain again and see the world from a whole new perspective
 As I mentioned before, he had to get out there bright and early hehe
 He had to prove that he was a skilled rider by mastering that Black Diamond trail
 I had to get some photos of him next to the sign for his Black Diamond trail
 I has to see that boy happy and relaxed and carefree!
I'll make it up to you next week...I promise!

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