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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shameless Blogvertising

I have this blog that I like to visit, it's called Adventures of Working at Home. The lady that runs this blog not only works from home but she also shares legit sites that are hiring or contracting with people to work from the comfort of their homes. I like to visit her site because she always seems to check out the places that she posts about to make sure they are legit or she will at least admit that she doesn't have a lot of information on them. I trust her opinions and whenever I see something I think I can do I go for it. I am also a fan of hers on Facebook where she constantly posts new ideas and links to the blog posts.

Previously I got a link for that mystery shopping gig off her site. It was going great, but recently it kind of slowed down so that I wasn't making much money because I kept running out of numbers to call. Although it's a great job when there is work, it's real hit or miss right now and that just doesn't pay the bills. But just the other day she posted about a new job with a company that she loves working with herself.  I immediately followed her instruction to get information on the job of duplicate checking...basically you check to see if the question asked is a duplicate of a previous question. I passed their test with flying colors and was accepted to work with them. I started with them this week and already have almost $100. You have to understand though that I am not working all day every single day. I just work here and there, when I feel like it (which is becoming more often as I am finding this job to be very addicting) I have been making about $12 per hour, which is great for someone sitting on her couch petting the cat and watching TV while working.

Bottom line, if you have ever considered working from home you really need to check out her blog because you will find something you can do!

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