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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's almost all done

The snowboarding season that is!

Sadly the snow is disappearing, we only have have 2, maybe 3 trips left this season and it's always bitter-sweet to realize that fact. Orion is absolutely amazing, riding almost at my speed and definitely fast enough that I can go comfortably. He's having fun and seems to be improving every single trip. It will be hard for him to have to wait until December to go back up, but once the next season starts it's going to be fun watching his excitement of finally getting back out there on his board.


In other news, I have com to the conclusion that I really should not make a New Years Resolution because I will just set my self up for failure lol I have been horrible at  writing up Thoughtful Thursdays and I finally figured out why....WORK!

My new job that I mentioned previously has been keeping me busy during the days and then my regular night job keeps me busy at night. I am enjoying doing the two though because I'm averaging $15 to $20 per hour with the daytime job and then $10 per hour at the night job.

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WAH Adventures! said...

Im glad you enjoy Winter! I am counting down the days to spring ;) But most of our outdoor fun is had during the warm months.