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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Verizon...yet again

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Another month has passed and I happen to actually look at my bill again BEFORE paying up...obviously you THOUGHT I might be stupid enough to not look again, but like I said last time ....thought shit his britches, or at least he thought he did! Sure enough sitting there under my additional internet services was 2, yes 2 charges for that webspace I have repeatedly told you I do not want!! Yet again I pick up the phone and call your wonderful customer service department, I am a kind person but even Jesus Christ himself had his limits and let me tell ya I really feel for these poor people who have to answer the phone when I call. I know it's not their fault, but they happen to be who I get to talk to about this and as the saying goes...shit rolls downhill!
The poor girl who answered the phone said that she saw in my records that this matter had been turned over to the IT department and if I could hold on for a minute she would be able to talk to the person I spoke with last month and find out the status of my claim. 20 minutes later (like I have nothing better to do with my time) she comes back on the line. The gentleman I spoke with last time says that he has escalated my claim to get the attention of the IT department. I asked her what the issue was exactly, why can't she just remove this from my service? She claims that it doesn't show up on my account, it's somewhere in the background somewheres and only shows up on the bill every month. Apparently there's nothing on my account for her to remove and she really wishes she could remove it but she simply can't.
What I don't understand is how this is not on my account but shows up on my bill every month and not only that but it shows up TWICE every month!
The poor girl who had the pleasure of answering my call today credited my account yet again for these 2 charges, I seriously hope I do not have to call you again next month! If I do have to call again, I seriously pity the poor fool who answers the phone because they are going to be dealing with one very pissed off person! This has been going on for 4 months now...4 months people! Seriously, get your shit in gear! I know that since you are the only company who offers FIOS service here in my town I am stuck with you, but that doesn't mean you can bill me for services I do not want or use!
One very Disgruntled and Dissatisfied Customer!

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