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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still waiting for summer to get here

I know what the calendar said, it said that summer has already arrived but I have yet to see one ounce of it! I have seen nothing but cold wind and rain and grey clouds hanging over my head! My creative 8 year old wants to go camping but with this kind of weather it just ain't happening so this is what he came up with as an alternative

My Urban Rebounder with balance bar has become the entrance to the tent and imaginary fire pit...the red blanket is the fire lol The strechy flannel sheet that is only used in the winter because it's soooooo warm has become the tent, the swiffer duster became the center support pole (at least he didn't use something sharp and pointy on my couch) He laid out blankets and they are supposed to be the sleeping bags (not sure why he didn't just use real sleeping bags but what do you want he's 8) I have helped him maintain the tent for 2 days now as the cats try to see who can collapse it first.....even better if Orion is inside it, then it's see who can trap the boy inside lol

He has a couple of sticks that he has been using as imaginary fire pokers and marshmellow sticks, he occassionally can be heard yelling "OUCH OUCH I'M BURNING!!!" as he jumps and bounces in the firepit, and he likes to just lay in there playing his Nintendo DS as if he were really camping. He lays in there to watch TV, he lays in there playing his X-Box, he lays in there to read a book or just relax with one of our many fur-babies (we have 5 cats and a dog so there's usually someone willing to cuddle in there)

The downside to all this......I've lost my living room until the sun decides to shine!

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