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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The many faces of Orion

I've seen photo posts in many blogs that I have browsed through, and I just thought it was a really neato idea so I figured at least for this week I will follow suit and make my own photo post :) The posts I have previously seen had only 1 photo and were called "Wordless Wednesday", but when it comes to my boy I can't seem to pick just one and I know this post won't be wordless, honestly I don't think it possible for me to make a post without some words lol so here is the many faces of Orion version of a fun photo post on a Wednesday :)

With his hair pulled back into a pony tail (a.k.a. what Orion would look like with short hair)

As a complete goofball

With that long hair all flared out (a.k.a. what Orion would look like if the 80's big hair came back into style lol)

Just a happy boy (a.k.a. the rarest of photos)

Back to being a goofbal (a.k.a. what the vast majority of my photos of Orion look like)


Jeannie said...

Love all the expressions. Sent ya some luv on my blog today:

Sweet Mama Jones said...

And he's just not a ham at all! lol :)I love his hair, ya did good mama!