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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just don't understand

Small simple rant......

IF you know I have to read you all these offers and that I am just doing my job then WHY pray tell are you harrassing me, calling me an idiot and insulting me because I'm offering you an upgrade on your exersize equipment/workout program???? I just don't understand that at all!

I've been getting it all night long, people telling me that they just want what they called in for, only what they saw on TV or some other line. Then I go about the usual business of offering the upgrade and they stop me and ask me if I am stupid? or didn't I hear them say they only wanted what was on the screen? THEN continue on to say that they understand I have to read these additional offers and that I am only doing my job . WHY insult me and ask me if I am stupid if you know I am only doing my job? Why insult me and call me stupid if you know I'm not being stupid but I HAVE to read these offers? Honestly they are the stupid people for calling me stupid when they know full well that I am only doing my job!

Somedays I just wanna throw in the towel....if it weren't for the fact that everything in this world costs money and we need my extra income to play I would hang up this headset and walk away

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