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Friday, June 3, 2011

It's almost here.............

On June 22nd, at 1:05pm, my son will finish 5th grade. This is a day I have been looking forward to for a very different reason than you might expect. It's not that my son is growing up, it's not that he's going to be a 6th grader, it actually has nothing at all to do with fully has to do with me!

I've mentioned before that it was the next to last day of the school year when I was taken from my classroom, placed in the back seat of a state trooper vehicle, and taken away looking more like a criminal than a child who was being saved. This is why I am looking forward to my son finishing 5th grade!! 5th grade was a major year for me, it was life changing and for some reason getting my son through fifth grade feels like a stepping stone, a milestone if you will, something I should be proud of.

I think the biggest thing for me is that this feels like a major accomplishment, this is the point where I become more successful as a parent than my egg donor! I was the youngest, her final trial, her final test in life. She failed miserably! She failed so badly that halfway through her test she had everything taken away from her to never be returned. She had enough chances to succeed, I was it, her last chance and she blew it. She just couldn't handle the pressure and so the state came in and took us away from her. The fact that I still have my son in my care at the end of 5th grade is my milestone, my success. This is what I get to relish, this is what makes me feel like I have surpassed her and I have won! She could not and can not keep me down, she could not enforce her evilness in me. I beat her in this game called life and I feel proud of that fact.

As I walk over to the school to pick up my son on the 22nd I know I am going to feel so free because I will truly have won, I will have passed a major test in my eyes and I will have passed it with flying colors!  I know it will happen and the closer I get to the date the more excited I feel about it! It's almost here and I can't wait!


Speaking of not being able to wait for things and school, my son is doing amazing on his multi-genre project for school. Basically he has been working on this project since April, first he had to choose a topic of choice (which he chose "Why Pluto Is No Longer A Planet")  and they had to write a 7 paragraph report on it. He got an A+ on that. Next they needed to write a newspaper article on the subject, which he also landed an A+. The third part was to write a 6 room poem, which he did and got another A+, 4th he needed to write a double voice poem...which also earned an A+! This past week he had to write a math word problem regarding his subject, provide the answer and explain it including showing his work. I hope that pulls out another A+ as well. He still needs to create some creative pieces on the subject...he already has a neat fact sheet he did and a word search puzzle he created but he needs at least 2 more, preferably 4 or 5  more creative pieces. He also needs to do up a display board with information on his subject for a presentation at school that will happen in a couple of weeks.

What amazes me most the fact that he has ADHD and he is still managing to pull out grades that I didn't think possible. he is not very good at organizing his time yet he has managed to hand in every single piece of work on time if not early! He is working so hard to complete this project because this class (English Language Arts) is his worst class. His first report card he had a C- in that class, his second report card he managed to pull that up to a C+. He really wants that C off his report card since his other classes have been A's and 1 B. I spoke with his teacher and she says if he keeps this up he could actually pull out an A in her class, a B at the worst. But he has to keep doing what he is doing, he has to keep working hard and handing in his work on time and with quality. I can't wait to see his presentation and to see his final grade because I am sure it will be nothing short of amazing!

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