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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Project

I've mentioned Orion's project for school a couple times, well it's finally finished!

The final presentation will be on Friday  when all the parents get to come to the school and learn all about the different subjects and see all the displays. This will be the final part of his grade and I truly hope the teacher is impressed with the effort and thought that went into this.

First he created a gravestone for Planet Pluto out of styrofoam. It started out as one long strip of styrofoam from Michael's, he cut the end off to make the base with. He traced the of the stone onto the base and cut it out so that it would slip into it and make it stand up. He painted everything black, and then stenciled the letters on with white paint. The styrofoam was the porous kind so every once in awhile you can see the glistening of the white making the stone look a bit like granite. The dates are the day Pluto was discovered and the date that scientists announced that Pluto did not actually fit the classification of planet and therefore would no longer be considered a planet.

Here he is holding his gravestone

Next he needed to create a display board to display some of the creative pieces he has made for this multi-genre project. At Michael's he found a set of solar system styrofoam balls which he cut in half and then covered with Crayola Model Magic Clay. He stuck these across the top of the board to show the solar system in a 3-D display. He then added his choice creative pieces...a crossword puzzle he created, a word search he created, a graphic display of what makes a planet (this piece has the three rules written on it and then the list of all the planets and a yes or no if they meet the standard of the rule), A double voice poem he wrote and a newspaper article he wrote as if he were a newspaper reporter announcing that Pluto was no longer a planet.

Here he is with both pieces that we will deliver to school this morning so that they can stay safe and sound until the presentation on Friday.


SMJ said...

I had to show Max these again on Facebook, he is so impressed! And he said "man I wish we lived by that kid he's smart and he looks cool"....AW! Amazing job Orion!

Orions Mom said...

I think it would be pretty cool if you lived by us too :) Tell Max I said thanks, he sounds like a pretty cool kid too.