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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The wild child is ill

My poor baby boy is sick, he's running a very low grade fever, has a sore throat, sniffles and he's losing his voice! I think it's more allergies, but I do think he has a bit of a cold going on too. Today he just lounged around the house, didn't ask to call friends, didn't get all wild like usual, just played video games and watched movies while laying on the couch. He managed to eat some food, but his appetite was exceptionally low which sucks because he needs to eat and gain weight! I have dosed him up with cold/allergy medicine and his melatonin and hope he wakes up a new boy tomorrow so that he can enjoy his last 4 1/2 days as a 4th grader!


On an up-note I am feeling a bit better so I am able to work again, hubs is 100% better! Big Sis has seen the light and is moving out this week as soon as her son finishes up school! She's moving to Kentucky to live with a friend from high school and should be very happy there! I am glad she has found her self-esteem once again, or at least a small enough piece of it to tell that jerk she was living with that she wasn't taking his crap anymore! I am very proud of her for doing that and I stand behind her 100% as she makes this change in her life.

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