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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just had the best night ever

It's Wednesday night so it's bowling night for me and Orion. I started out by stopping at CVS to grab a couple things and found that my favorite energy drinks were on sale...10 for $10! Normally $2.49 each it was an amazing deal! Then I get over to the bowling alley and see that Orion and I are tied for 1st place in points and I was in 3rd place for high average, high game and high series. Then we started bowling!! My first game was my best game ever and beat the current high single game score! My second game was average and then my third game beat my first game! So I bowled my 2 highest games ever in one night!  Then to top of the night, as we pull into the drive-way I see a flicker of lights in the bushes...fireflies were dancing and the sun hadn't even fully set yet! Orion and I sat in the car watching the fireflies for a good 5 to 10 minutes before I decided I did need to get him inside to bed since technically it still is a school night.

Tomorrow I go over to the school for field day, I hope it doesn't rain on us. If it does, my guess is we'll end up playing games in the gymnasium.

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