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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thought Thursday...I mean Wednesday lol

I have decided to post Thoughtful Thursday today because tomorrow will be a very busy day for me. First I have to get up bright and early to take the cat into the vets office to get fixed. She's getting rather annoying with her butt in the air, howling at all hours, peeing on things just because she wants to be the neighborhood slut. Yeah we're tired of it so she's getting turned into an it like all the other animals around here. Then after I drop her off I need to go over to the school for the 4th grade field day where I get to help other mothers enjoy teaching the wild 4th graders some fun games and  blasting them with water balloons. Sounds like fun eh? I think so too...but that means I won't be around home to write a post so I'm doing it today instead :)


So this week, since we have been talking a lot about our planned vacation up to Smuggs in  northern Vermont I have been remembering some really good memories from my childhood that I can't wait (really hope) to share with my boy. Things like seeing thousands of fireflies flickering in the bushes as the evening sets in. I remember being real little and watching the fireflies flicker all around every evening. We would grab our empty mayonnaise  jars, poke holes in the lids with a hammer and nail, and then  go outside. We would grab a handful of grass and put it in the jar for the fireflies to sit on through the night and then catch at least a dozen in our jars for our bedroom light show. We would laugh and chase those things, catch them in our jars and put the lids on tight.  Then we would take them inside where they would flicker in our room as we fell asleep. the next morning we would open the lids and let them all fly away knowing that we would be able to catch more that evening. It was a rare happy memory, something I will cherish and honestly I want to be able to share that with my boy. Maybe we won't have the jars to put them in but we will be up in Vermont, the state I grew up in, and I can tell him about it while we watch them flicker in the least I hope we see them so that I can do just that.


Another thing I would like to share with my boy is mountain hiking, not this Blue Hill hiking on this puny hill they call a mountain around here, I'm talking real Mt. Mansfield, take most the day getting to the top so you can look out across New York, Canada, places miles and miles away! I want to share that beauty with my boy. I want to share with him the breath-taking views of my youth and see his eyes light up in wonder as he sees that all for the first time. I want to share with him the exhilaration  that comes with running up a mountain, feeling the fresh (and I do mean fresh) air as it fills your lungs. I want to share that feeling of freedom and smallness that comes from standing on top of a mountain!


I also wanted to share a small update on Big Sis, I finally came to the conclusion that I was not helping her by simply agreeing with her when it came to the current guy she's with and the life he is giving her. I told her exactly how I feel, that she needs to get away from him because he is no good for her. I told her that she needs to take herself and her mental health into consideration. I hate how he treats her like a bothersome child instead of as a partner and I told her that. She seems to have heard me because she is planning to move out of there as soon as her son finishes up the school year which should be in the next week or so. That's what she says now, but we'll see what happens. I hope she stays on plan and leaves because he makes her so unhappy it makes my heart ache for her. She deserves better!


OK that's it for this week. Everyone have a great weekend and share some childhood memories with your kids, they'll appreciate it and maybe even see you as kewl. Besides, there's nothing like that warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with your children something that made you happy when you were their age :)

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