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Monday, June 14, 2010

It's 4am do you know where your child is???

That was me just this morning....not even kidding!

See usually Orion ends up in my bed at night, he sleep walks right into my room and under the covers by midnight so most nights when I finish up work and crawl into bed I am greeted with a boy curling right up and hugging me it's rather nice after 4 to 5 hours of getting yelled at by exasperated customers :) ANYWAY, that's what happened last night, 1am I crawl into bed, he's already there  curled up sleeping peacefully and since my theory has always been...let sleeping children lie....I of course just got into bed and went to sleep.

4am I hear the boy coughing so I wake up, roll over to where he had been 3 hours before, and he's not there! Normally he never leaves the bed unless something is wrong, so in a silly half-awake stupor I frantically search the house for the child...of course I find him playing in his bedroom but he gave  me a heart attack anyway! His claim was he could not sleep for the past hour so he gave up trying and went to his room. He's got the TV on, he's bouncing a balloon with his feet and the cat that just had surgery on Thursday is laying on his floor instead of in her crate where she should be...and he wonders why I turn everything off and very sternly send him to bed! It's 4am, I'm now running on 3 hours of sleep and he's wondering why I'm upset! Of course it's after I get him settled into his bed that he tells me that his chest hurts when he breathes! So I take a quick listen (I'm actually pretty good at listening to his chest when he takes a deep breath) and sure enough he's wheezing...gee why didn't you tell me this earlier??? His response...he didn't want me to be mad. I'll never understand, perhaps he thought I would be less mad just to find him playing in his bedroom at 4am??? Silly boy! So I give him his inhalers, get him settled in and try to get him to go back to sleep (he does have to be at school in 5 hours) but no such luck. He stayed awake all morning long! I sent him off to school yawning and looking extremely tired...maybe now he'll understand the importance of a good nights sleep!

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