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Friday, June 11, 2010

It rained on our parade

so to speak rained on our field day so the school post-poned it to next  week Thursday instead. I'm thinking I should not write my Thoughtful Thursday post ahead of time again just in case lol I am betting that it's because I was so organized and planning ahead that it decided to rain in the first place! I knew that would happen, seems to be the way it goes with me. I'm such a generally disorganized person, always forgetting vital things at the store making me need to go back, leaving things to the last minute, not thinking about what I have scheduled before scheduling myself for something else, there simply must be chaos or life is not right. I thought maybe I was turning a  new leaf, getting organized for once, planning and thinking ahead...apparently that's not a good plan at all lol

In other news, things have been rough health wise around here. We are all suffering with colds or allergies, can't figure out which and I strongly suspect it's actually a little of both. I have had to cancel work because I couldn't speak, had fevers, sniffles, sore throat, a cough and a general feeling of ickiness! It's starting to get better now for me, getting worse for Orion, hubs is doing a lot better so that's what leads me to believe there's a cold mixed in with all this.

Kitty is doing well after her spay surgery. She's got a pretty purple hood so she won't lick and chew her stitches, she's medicated with a kitty form of morphine, and she's actually pretty funny to watch when she's all loopy like this LOL I'm keeping her in a crate so she stays away from the other animals and doesn't move around too much....can't have her ripping out those stitches! She cries for attention and is happy as long as someone sits next to her crate and pets her head, otherwise she cries. She's eating and drinking great so I'm happy about that and see her recovering quite nicely.

That's about it, one more week of school and then Orion will be a 5th grader! Hopefully he'll be in advanced math next year but he needs to be able to work b y himself and complete his work on time...something that the ADHD makes difficult. I'll know next week Friday what level classes he'll be in and then later on in the summer the school will send home a letter telling us who his teachers will be.  I'll let you know next week where he'll be placed :)

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