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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The week in review

So Orion finished up 4th grade last week Friday, he's now officially  a 5th least I assume he is considering he got straight B's. The report card didn't actually say he was heading into the 5th grade like usual, but with straight B's I don't see how he couldn't move onward. Our disappointment came when we realized that he was not given the advanced math class for next year, apparently his ability to work by himself just isn't up to par and although he can do math at a 6th grade level he needs too much supervision to be able to be in the advanced class. Orion sat on the couch and cried most of Friday afternoon over this fact and over the fact that he felt he deserved better grades than he received. This poor kid again received poor marks for his effort which upsets me simply because I know he does try, it's just not easy when you suffer with ADHD. I also know that he makes a lot of careless mistakes and I am sure that counted against him. He doesn't like to ask for help, he prefers to struggle and work out the problems on his own, however when he does this and gets the answer wrong the teacher sees it as a lack of effort because he didn't ask for help and he didn't get it right. It sucks! I wish I could just make it magically better for him!! I hope that next year he proves them wrong and shows them that he deserves to be in the advanced  class and that they made a mistake. I hope he isn't so bored in the regular class that he becomes a problem, I hope he uses this as a chance to learn to control himself and his boredom a bit better. I hope he makes the best of the situation!

Summer began quite pleasantly with sunny days and thunderstorm nights. We have had the chance to watch fireflies dancing in the bushes and count the number of flickers for the firefly watch we do for the Science museum in Boston. We have been doing it for a couple of years now, they are trying to determine if the use of pesticides is harming the firefly population. They have recruited people from all across the country to watch for fireflies and then register on their website to make reports during the summers of what they find. We report the flickers, the weather conditions, the kind of territory we have etc. It's a fun thing we do together and it's been great to see our findings this year are far greater than in years past! The fireflies seem to be making a comeback around here!

Also we have started our countdown to summer vacation! We leave on July 3rd for some fun in the sun in Vermont! I can hardly wait! I  have started my list of things we will need and  it's growing by the day! I am determined to not forget a single thing...a  mom can hope right???

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