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Saturday, April 25, 2009

State Championship Singles

I thnk I have mentioned before that Orion was invited to compete in the Massachusetts Bowling Association (MBA) State Champonships this year for boys 10 and under. Every year the top 10 boys are invited, last year Orion was number 11 for our bowling alley so he was an alternate, this year he has high average so he was number 1 to go.
This morning he bowled in the Singles Division, he'll bowl doubles and teams on May 9th. They bowl 5 games total, obviously the highest bowler wins. Today was day 1 of the Singles division so how he actually ends up placing will not be known until May 9th when they will hold the final singles division day (they need 4 days total for everyone to bowl) Orions actual average for league is 68.8 today he bowled and average of 81 and his total score was

That 101 in the 4th game...that's his best game EVER! Last years winner for boys 10 and under bowled an average of 79 so I think Orion stands a really good chance of winning a trophy and a savings bond this year! I am SO unbelieveably proud of my boy!

Congrats Orion on a job well done!

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