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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nightmares from the bathroom........

OK so hubby and I have been saving up some funds to do some home repairs. We decided the bathroom was the most important room because of obvious issues with the taps leaking...we thought it was going to be simple but no, not in our world. We tear off the old enclosure only to find we have to redo most of the pipes inside the wall. We get those all soldered and such, go to do the test and oops theres a leak. Get that one fixed only to find another...and another....and yep another! We go out and buy a new enclosure, get it home and oops we forgot to measure the depth and when the box said "fits all standard tubs" we figured ours was standard....well apparently standard in 1960 isn't standard anymore cause the enclosure is about 3 1/2 inches too wide and just won't we have to return it and get something different, something we don't like the look of quite as much but will actually fit our tub. On the plus side....the one we are returning cost in the range of $250 and the one we will be getting costs in the range of $75 so I get to spend the money on other things like maybe some sliding glass doors for the shower instead of using a shower curtian. Onward...the giant piece of blueboard we have downstairs doing nothing we thought we would use to repair the area where we had to cut out to fix the leaky pipes....we can't use. It's 1/2 inch and we need it to be 3/8 inch....amazing how 1/8 inch can make such a drastic difference but it might as well be an entire inch....seriously! SO tomorrow we'll go return the first enclosure, buy the second one, buy the correct blue board and come home to make all our repairs. We are hoping to have the shower area completed by tomorrow night. In the meantime we get to take baths instead of showers and my bathroom is a disaster with tools everywhere. I just keep trying to remind myself that we'll at least be able to look back on this job and smile knowing we did it.

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