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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to me (a little early but I don't mind :) )

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was HOT....high temp of 95 degrees! That's pretty much unheard of here in Massachusetts for this time of year, definately not a normal April day. So what does one want to do on a nice hot day like that???? If you ask me, my number one thing to be doing would be grilling! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to grill! I love the flavor the food has, I love the easy clean up, I love not heating up my house with the convection oven and I love just being able to cook outdoors with a fire.

Now the grill I have had the past few years was getting tired and old, it was rusty and falling apart. You couldn't cook directly on the racks or you would be eatting bits of rust and god knows what else so I had to use tin foil and that kinda ruins it a little IMO....seriously half the point of grilling is getting those delicious grill marks on your food! BUT since I don't like eatting metal I cook with the tin foil and just live with it....I kept telling hubby this year I'm buying a new grill....problem was the grill I wanted was a bling-bling all stainless steel, will not rust or fall apart beautiful Weber. I saw them at Lowe's everytime I went there, I had a Weber catalog here that hubby brought home and I would dream about this beautiful almost $800 grill. That's a lot of money but it's a beautiful cooking appliance and oh the use I would get out of such a thing! I even had the color selected and everything...all I needed was the bucks!

Well yesterday my wonderful husband took the boy out for a little while. They wouldn't tell me what they were doing or where they were going, just that I would like it in the end, Orion specified that it was a surprise for me. Of course I took advantage of the boy not being in the house and took the couch apart (it's a sectional) and cleaned under it then had good opportunity to swear at it and call it all kinds of names putting the darn thing back together! Next time I think of doing such a thing I plan to leave the parts out on the curb for the trash men to take because I am NOT ever doing that again!!! Good thing Orion wasn't in the house or he would have heard a few new words and would have tried to charge me money since that's what I do to him when he uses bad words lol (See, I can set a good example, I can control the flow of words when I need to) Anyway as I finished up the living room hubby and the boy returned.

Hubby tells me he needs my help getting something out of the car....Orion blurts out that they had just bought me a new grill!!

We had to put it together, but it's AWESOME! Today I did burgers and french fries on it for lunch (yes you can cook frozen fries on the grill and they come out AWESOME!) So here's my new baby sitting on my deck...she's a beauty.... and it's EXACTLY the one I wanted! The picture makes it look darker than it is, it's really a bronze color and more orange looking than this.
From the front

and from an angle

I don't think I'll be using the indoor oven again all summer long!

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