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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something I have discovered about my son.....

He is down-right evil when he's hungry lol

Ever see that commercial on TV where the monster runs home from school  and he pops a can of  chef boyardee (at least I think that's what it is) into the microwave and once he starts eating he turns into a boy...the motto of the commercial was Feed the Monster? Well if you have then you have seen my son LOL

He wakes up in the morning grumpy and grouchy....put food into him and he turns into a human child. He comes home from school grumpy and grouchy...put food into him and he turns into a normal human child! I have come to the conclusion that whenever he is grumpy and grouchy I should just feed him and he'll turn that attitude around in minutes! Of course this means my food budget has to go up because he is amazingly hungry after school!

Here's his day  today:

Get up and eat a ham, egg and cheese omelet made with 4 eggs, 3 slices of ham and 2 slices of cheese with a sliced apple and toast.

Send him off to school with a lunchbox filled with PB&J sandwich, a bottle of juice and some town house crackers.

After school, walk in the door, grab 3 slices of cheese from the fridge, run off to the living room to turn on Tom & Jerry. Suck down cheese like there's no tomorrow and complain that he's still hungry. Give him a large bowl of SunChips, he sucks those down in about 10 minutes time and again complain he's still hungry. Give him a fully loaded ham and cheese sandwich which disappears in about 10 minutes flat...the complaining begins again. Give him a large piece of cake..he's finally happy and feels full which is good because we need to take care of homework so that we can go bowling. Take him bowling...he's hungry so he gets a bag of cheetos from the vending machine. Once those are gone he needs more money cause he's still hungry! He gets a hot dog and sucks that down pretty fast too. Get him home and guess what?...YEP he's starving lol Give him a large bowl of smartfood popcorn and he enjoys that and then complains about having to brush his teeth for bedtime guessed it...he's still hungry! Gave him another large piece of cake and sent him to bed. When he gets up he'll be starving once again and the food fight will start all over lol

He never ate like this on Adderall, it's awesome to see him eat so much food while medicated!

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