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Monday, October 11, 2010

LOOK..thoughts from a mom

Earlier today I took Orion back to that playground I told you about in my last post. He thinks it's great that it's made entirely out of recycled milk jugs and soda bottles so he now prefers to play there over any other playground in the area.

Anyway, as I sat there watching all the children play I saw this little girl run past me. She couldn't be more than 9 or 10 years old yet written across her butt in huge white letters was the word


I sat there disgusted and appalled, dumbfounded and amazed all at the same time! First of all, what company would even sell such an item made for children, second what mother, in her right mind, would buy that for her daughter to wear at any age say nothing about a 9 or 10 year old!  In this day and age, with the knowledge that there are pediphiles everywhere, why on earth would anyone want to bring attention to her daughters butt?  I just don't understand the mentality! Why do we want our children to grow up so fast? Why do we want them to be miniature adults and wear clothing that asks for the wrong kind of attention? How can these mothers not see that they are asking for trouble when they allow their daughters to dress in that manner?


Can you imagine ever putting that on your daughters behind? I am a child abuse survivor, perhaps that makes me overly protective but seriously this just seems wrong on so many levels! I can only hope that I never see that childs face on the local news because she's been abducted, raped, murdered or some other awful thing!


Look around you and think for just one moment. Look at how your children are dressed, look at how their friends are dressed, look at how grown up they look wearing their Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana outfits. Look at how society sexualizes children before they hit puberty, look at what our children are being taught about their bodies before they even need to know the information. I see it everyday at the playgrounds, at the school when I pick up my son, at the mall, it's everywhere. Little girls being dressed like little women, what message are they being sent? Mini-mini skirts and skinny jeans on little girls may seem cute and it may be tempting to ohh and aww over how grown up they look, but why do they need to look that way? Why can't little girls just be little girls?

LOOK and then tell me, why do children have to grow up so fast??

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