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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger

I have been terrible about updates so here I am to post a bit about everything that's going on in my little world :)

As I mentioned Orions hamster passed away and that brought back all those sad feelings about the cat Sparky and so we have been dealing with all that. Orion did go out and buy himself a new hamster but soon found out why mom said it wasn't really a good can not replace one pet with another no matter how cute it is. He likes the new hamster, but he did not fix the sadness of losing Bounce.

Last week I also had a Parent/Teacher meeting at the school. The teachers asked me if he was on medication at all these days because they do not see it working at all. 18 mg of Concerta clearly is not enough. He's distracted, fidgety, bouncy, and pretty much all over the place. Of course I had expected this response from them and was basically waiting to hear it from them before calling the doctor to get a different dosage. I have seen him at home on the 18 mg and I knew it was not going to be enough.  Of course hubby didn't want to up the dosage for 2 reasons...1) he's afraid that a higher dosage of a different stimulant will only cause the same moodiness we had before on the higher dosage of Adderall (Orion has been such a happy boy on the 18mg, it's nice to see) and 2) he doesn't want to spend the money on the co-pay for another bottle of medicine when he haven't gotten through this first bottle. Of course I can not, in my right mind, send him to school with only 18mg in his body for an entire month just because we don't want to spend the money...he'll fall behind and have way too much to catch up on. I can't allow it to happen! I spoke with the pediatricians office and we are basically doubling his dosage so I can give him 2 of the 18mg to use up the bottle. On 2 pills he's much more stable, in control of his actions and much easier to deal with. 

Then this past Thursday our older cat Rex came home after being attacked by a coyote! He has some good bite wounds and some bruising. Nothing is broken but I am worried about him none the less. He's almost 15 years old  and weighs 30 pounds...NO FOOLING! He loves to be outdoors hunting and chasing rodents...I worry because usually he's fighting me to get outdoors and the past few days he's done nothing but lay on his pillow in the basement. We're giving him antibiotics and hoping for the best. The skin on his belly is bright red and hot to the touch suggesting some kind of infection, we're hoping the antibiotics will work for him and kill off whatever is in there.  Of course this is not good for Orion's mental state and he's now very worried that he's going to lose yet another pet!  I spend my days consoling the boy, trying to get the cat to eat and drink and trying to keep his wounds clean with warm compresses. It hasn't been a very fun Columbus Day weekend for us.

I did take Orion to a new playground yesterday. It just opened up last month and according to the newspapers it's the largest eco-friendly playground in the country. It's an elaborate 10,000-square-foot playground made out recycled plastic milk jugs and soda bottles! Even the base for the ground is made out of the milk jugs and soda bottles and supposedly (although I don't want Orion testing it out) can absorb a fall from a height of 9 feet. Orion had a good amount of fun until he saw a bunch of yellow jackets flying around and then he wanted to go home...he's terrified of yellow jackets ever since he got stung a few years back. Anyway, I am hoping to get him back there often since it's nice and new and clean...and eco-friendly.

That's about it for news this week. I'm sorry there was no Thoughtful Thursday again but as I mentioned that's the day the cat came home all banged up so that wiped everything from my mind..I didn't even facebook LOL I promise next week I'll have something for ya :)

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