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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another happy moment brought to you by...


I know, I know, you're probably sick of hearing me sing the praises of facebook but this one is pretty cool...honest I swear it is!

See I was looking over my home page at all the newest news when I saw that one of my friends that I went to elementary school with had become friends with a name that was exceptionally familiar, it was one of my very first friends EVER! 

See when I was in first grade there was this girl named Adrienne, she was cool, she was pretty, and she and I got along great! I would consider her my best friend back then. Then one day her parents packed her up and moved. I was devastated for awhile, I really missed my friend but we never saw one another again. Through the years I have often thought of her, remembered her fondly and always wondered where she ended up. She is one of those people that you remember perfectly, if I close my eyes I can still picture her perfectly as that skinny little first grader with the long dark hair. 

So when I saw her name sitting there I began to feel an excitement  like nothing else. I was a little apprehensive thinking that maybe this was a coincidence and that she might not be the very same Adrienne, but I had to try. I clicked her link and looked, it looked like her just older. I sent a message....sure enough it's my old friend! 

Gotta love facebook, yet again it brings me in touch with someone I have held close to my heart for many many years, someone I thought I would never see again or speak to again. Yet again it brings back to me a tiny piece of my youth that held happy and pleasant memories.

Thank You Facebook!

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