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Monday, January 3, 2011

So much to do and so little time it seems

I need to get money in the bank, I need to pick up the dog from the kennel, I need to reschedule Orion's med check appointment with his doctor since he kinda missed his appointment over vacation....bad mommy I know! I totally screwed up and didn't look at my trusty calendar on the wall and neglected to read that he had an appointment scheduled. I need to pay the 1st of the monthly bills, I need to finish laundry. I also need to clean the house up, take care of dishes and hope for the e-mail telling me what time training is supposed to be for this new job I was working toward getting.

This job is actually pretty cool, 20 hours a week working from home doing mystery shopping on the phone to car dealerships across the country. I applied with them awhile ago and was accepted a couple weeks ago but the holidays put training on a stand still. The lady I've been in contact with (my supervisor, so to speak) seems to send out very last minute notices on the training sessions. The last one, she sent the e-mail at 10:25 in the morning saying that training was going to be at 11am that same day. Like I sit at my computer all day waiting for an e-mail that may or may not show up.  It sounds like a good gig to make some extra money if I can get through training so I replied to that e-mail (well after it had been received because of holiday activities) to appologize for not being able to make it and explaining that I would be more available after the holiday. She replied that there should be a training session sometime today but that she would e-mail me the details on time and the number to call in for the online training. So here I sit at the computer waiting, but I haven't seen any e-mail so I guess I'm going to have to just go about my day. Unfortunately if I do not pick up the dog from the kennel by 12 noon they will charge me for an extra day so I have to get that task completed. I also need to get to answering questions for my other at home gig and do all the other stuff that I've already mentioned.

Oh yeah, I gotta go scoop those litter boxes downstairs because I didn't do it after snowboarding yesterday and with 4 cats....well those boxes get pretty nasty after a good 24 hours of not being scooped say nothing about the 48 that it's going on now lol

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